All-Prairie Conference teams have several local players

• Royalton–senior Adam Smieja, junior Adam Yourczek, (honorable mentions) sophomore Josh Goedderz and freshman Mike Wenner; and,

• USA–juniors Craig Peterson and Nick Johnson and (honorable mention) sophomore BJ Lange.

Area softball selections by schools are as follows:

• Browerville–juniors Lindsey Michael, Kim Salber and Merri Anne Werder; sophomores Kim Foote, (honorable mentions), Kelly Spandel and Paula Zigan;

and, senior Katie Brever;

• Upsala–senior Julie Herbes, sophomore Amber Schweiters, juniors Natalie Bartkowicz, Beth Voss, (honorable mention) Anna Herbes, Amanda Michels, Jen Boeckermann and sophomore Pam Tschida;

• Swanville–juniors Stacy Van Havermaet, Ann Geise, (honorable mention) Brittany Thieschae-fer and sophomore Amy Sobiech; and,

• Royalton–seniors Katie Albright, Mel Warzecha and (honorable mention) Liz Reis.

Browerville’s Mitch Johnson and Lindsay Micheal were Co-Most Valuable Players in their respective sports.