Pencil Pride

March! Can spring be far behind? And those Leprechauns are beginning to show up in Maple Lake, just waiting for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities! How would you catch one? Here are the ideas of Lucy. Haglin’s first graders . . .

Tiffany Kuledge – I would run as fast as I can run. Stop! Where is his gold? It is buried. I would grab onto him and he would bring me to his gold!

Tyler Hancock – I would use candy as a trick to catch him. I would tie a rope to a tree, catch him, lock him up and say, ”Where is your gold?”

Bryant Stucky – Take a net or you can grab him. You could play tricks on him, jump out of a tree and grab him.

Thomas Piram – First you get a bucket and you put candy with gold wrappers in it. Tie it to a string and tie the bucket to the other end. When the leprechaun grabs the candy, the bucket will fall on him!

Derek Docherty – Get some rocks. Paint them gold. Put them in a barn and close the doors quick when he gets inside. I am going to catch that leprechaun!

Sami Szczesny – Take gold wrapped candy. Put it in a plastic pot. Put little paper footprints leading to the pot. He’ll follow them into it and you can catch him!

Michael Thomas – Turn yourself into a spider. Make a web. Catch the leprechaun in the web. Take his gold and then free him.

Kyle Ducommun – Turn a box upside down and hold one side up with a stick. Under the box is some gold. Pull a string and trap the leprechaun when he goes in.

Jacob Nelson – Put a rope in a circle to make a leg trap. Put some gold by it. When the leprechaun steps in . . . catch him by the leg!

Lucie Krivanek – Set out a box with a trap door. Put some beads that look like gold inside. It will close and trap him when he goes inside.

Ryan Neidenfeur – Scare him into a dungeon with a four wheeler. Ask him where his gold is!

Kevin Salveson – Make him some e cookies. Put them in a jail. When the leprechaun gets the cookies, shut the door and lock it. Get his gold and then free him.

Sami Knott – Put some gold fish in a bucket. He’ll think it is gold and he will go to get it. Catch him with a net.

Jessica Elesenpeter – Get a toybox that looks like a treasure chest. Put paper gold coins in it and candy. Trap him in there!

Skye Van Lith – Get some smelly stickers that smell like candy. Put the stickers all over a jar. He will go inside and you can trap him!

Sami Munstenteiger – I would use a net and a cage. Leprechauns are hard to grab. I will lock him up and get his gold.

Brady Gagnon – I would get some green leprechaun toys and put them in a trap. When he came to take the toys I would catch him and get his gold.

Alyssa Poole – How to trap a leprechaun? I would trap him in a box and get him.