Fire Report

Maple Lake Fire Department Ambulance Service again dominated the emergency activities provided by the volunteers who man the ambulance, rescue and fire units with 227 calls answered during 2002.     In contrast, there were 84 fire emergency service responses and the rescue unit responded on 46 occasions.     Maple Lake’s Volunteer Fire Department and ambulance service were each called to an emergency during the past week.     The ambulance responded to a medical emergency on Jan. 11, 11:37 p.m., for a person who slipped and twisted a hip. The patient was taken to the Buffalo Hospital ER.

The firemen were paged to an electric problem on a pole at 320 Oak Ave. N., in Maple Lake, on Jan. 12, 4:48 p.m. Twenty firemen responded and secured the area until an electrical repair crew from the power utility company arrived to make the necessary repairs.

Officers elected at the Jan. 13 meeting were as follows:   Fire Chief: Todd Borell  Assistant Fire Chief: Mel Borell  Secretary: Scott Carriveau  Treasurer: Tom Neu  Fire Captains: Daryl Hennen and Mike Lauer  Relief Association Officers: Ken Bruns, president; Daryl Hennen, secretary; Ron Rassat, treasurer.