District 1 County Commissioner:Karla Heeter

  My husband Ron and I live in Silver Creek Township. We have been married for 25 years, living in Wright County for 21 of those years. Ron is a Tool and Die Maker for General Mills working at the James Ford Bell Technical Research Center in Plymouth.

I grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa. My professional years have been spent working with people. I have worked with youth, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and many facets of the business and education community.

Currently, I operate my own public speaking business, offering humorous motivational presentations to all types of groups and organizations.

My involvement in community projects and initiatives, and leadership on a number of Boards affords me the experience necessary to serve as a County Commissioner.     Why have I chosen to run for office?  My decision to run for a public office is one I have contemplated for a number of years. As the County looked at redistricting, a number of people asked me to consider vying for this County Commissioner seat indicating a need for change in leadership in District 1.     I want to help build a cohesive Board of Commissioners that can work in harmony for the people of Wright County. I am known for my ability to work with people. I am a consensus builder and a team player with a strong reputation for being honest, approachable and fair.

What do I feel are the chief issues that will face our residents during your term in office?  Growth is the most emerging issue facing the people of Wright County. The kind of rapid growth we are experiencing affects all aspects of our government system and our quality of life in Wright County.

What’s important is that we remember that it’s all about people. Whether it’s law enforcement, highways, human services, public health, financial assistance, veteran’s affairs, or any other entity of the county, it’s all about people.

We scrutinize budgets, talk about benefits, fret about space, worry about growth, and when it’s all said and done; it’s all about people. The growth is about people, the roads are about people, the crime is about people, the space is about people, and the benefits are about people. We need to take care of our people!

What’s our long range plan for managing growth? Most of us live in Wright County because we like the rural feel. How do we support healthy growth without compromising the county? I don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to be at the table for the discussion and I’d like to know what the people of Wright County have to say about managing growth.