Search for Joshua camera donated to Fire Department

An underwater camera, used in the search for missing St. John’s college student Joshua Guimond, was donated last week to the Maple Lake Fire Department.

Joshua’s parents, Lisa Cheney and Brian Guimond, presented the Aqua-Vu camera purchased for the search with proceeds from the Find Joshua Fund to the local fire department in appreciation for the efforts firefighters made to assist in the search for their son.

Over the winter, firefighters provided assistance during several searches of lakes and other areas on the St. John’s campus.  “We can’t thank them enough for being up there when we needed them,” said Brian Guimond.

Maple Lake Fire Chief Todd Borell, in accepting the donation, noted several accident situations this spring where an underwater camera would have been helpful and said the Fire Department will put the camera to good use.

Brian Guimond said that since the physical search for Joshua appears to be over, the next step will be to put pressure on the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department and St. John’s to actively continue to pursue the investigation.

“If we do that, then hopefully, somebody up there is going to do something,” he said.