Maple Lake High School celebrates Class of 2004

Commencement marked not only an end, but an exciting beginning for Maple Lake High School’s Class of 2004. They were reminded of this as they sat under a clear sky in Irish Country Stadium June 4 completing their final act as a class before the curtain closed on their high school careers.

Senior Class President Ed Elfmann welcomed friends and family and encouraged his classmates to continue to live by their class motto, “To accomplish great things we must not only act, but dream; not only plan, but also believe.

“We’ve all had our dreams,” he said. “Some may have been out of reach, but most were achievable. The loss of two of our good friends and classmates, Joe Zander and Chris Schneider, created an even better reason to achieve those dreams, and to dream that much more.”

Commencement speaker Gary Swearingen advised graduates to remain active in their community. “I have always been one to believe that you need to do whatever you can to make your community the best place to live, play, and work,” he said.

To accomplish this, Swearingen told graduates to be honest, to volunteer in their community, and to set goals.

“Remember, graduates,” he said, “you are on a new journey in your life. You have already made a mark on your school and community. Peoples’ lives have already been changed from your actions. Be an example wherever life takes you.”

Swearingen challenged the Class of 2004 to “enhance the lives of those you touch so that others may attain their goals.”

Principal Mary James read the list of awards earned by the students.

Superintendent Mark Redemske completed the roll call of graduates who were awarded their diplomas by School Board Chair Greg Mooney.