Gift of computers benefits students of St. Tim’s

The 26 students in the second grade class of Alison Krutzig at St. Timothy’s School were each able to find a place to sit and a brand new computer to use in the school’s expanded computer lab during the first week of school.

The second grade class is the largest at St. Timothy’s and offering a place for each student in the lab would not have been possible last year.

The remodeling of the computer lab is the work of volunteers who put in many hours of effort over the summer and 27 new computers were the result of donations provided by community members during St. Timothy’s Dinner and Live/Silent Auction in April.

Father Mark Huberty said the effort to auction for computer donors was an idea they wanted to try, but they were amazed at the response.

“We thought we would just try to auction for a few computers,” he said. “But people were so supportive and we were able to re-do the whole lab.”