Planning continues on Phase 2 construction project

The final decision for the placement of the shed at the school is not option one, two, three or four, but, as Superintendent Mark Redemske said, “option two-and-a-half.”

At the June 30 meeting of the Maple Lake School Board, discussions continued regarding Phase 2 of the school construction project that will get underway next year. One of the questions remaining was the placement of the storage shed that is now at the north end of the high school.

Redemske said option one was placing the shed on the east side of the road across from the northeast corner of the high school. Option two was placing it at a right angle to the road, close to the same location as option one. Option three would have placed the shed east of the high school across the parking lot. However, this plan would have used several parking spaces, causing staff to mix with traffic as they go to and from the shed, and a retaining wall would have to be built at an estimated cost of $45,000, according to Job Gutierrez of Wold Architects. Option four would place the shed in the field behind the school. Maintenance Supervisor Ken Bruns said that option four is definitely out because of its distance from the school. He said utilities would have to be put in and a path would have to be maintained in the winter.

As a result, Redemske came up with the idea of modifying option two by moving the shed east across the parking lot. Parking spaces would be lost but a retaining wall would not be necessary.

Board Chair Greg Mooney wanted to know how important it would be to decide about the shed at this phase, in this bid package. “If we try to use local contractors, local help, we can leave this out of the bid package. This is something we do for our local venders, as well.”

Redemske continued with his option two-and-a-half idea. “Right now you can have traffic from the east and west (for option one). If we move it, we can just have traffic from the west.”

It was voted to go with option two-and-a-half with Wold Architects grading the area for the shed and installing utilities. Then local bids can be taken to build the shed.

Construction is underway on this year’s project, which includes four classrooms on the southeast wing of the elementary.

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