Dave Manuel dies at age 75

A long-time business and civic leader passed away last week after a two-year battle with cancer.

Dave Manuel, who with his wife, Cathy, served as the grand marshals of the 2001 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, died on Tuesday, March 24, at the age of 75.

Dave and Cathy moved to Maple Lake in 1955 for two good reasons: because the town didn’t have a shoe repair shop and because the town did have a baseball team with a spot for Dave.

Manuel learned the shoe repair trade from an uncle, working with him since he entered high school in Watkins in 1948.

After high school, Manuel served his country in the US. Navy during the Korean War. He married Cathy Schleppenbach in 1954 in Cold Spring.

The Manuel’s established Manuel’s Department store in 1955, which they operated in downtown Maple Lake for 53 years. He and Cathy raised five children: Linda, Jeannie, Tricia, Mary and Bill.

Ed Raiche, as the former owner of Ed’s Barber Shop, was also a downtown businessman for more than 50 years.

“Dave fixed a lot of shoes and was a pretty fair pitcher for the Lakers,” Raiche said, noting there was another area where Manuel excelled.

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