Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,
Law enforcement, emergency responders, tow truck drivers and maintenance crews working on the shoulder of the roadway have got your back. Do you have theirs?
     Minnesota’s Ted Foss Move Over Law was named in honor of Minnesota State Patrol Corporal Ted Foss who was killed when hit by a semi truck while on a traffic stop on the shoulder of I-90 in Winona on Aug. 31, 2000. Minnesota State Statute 169.18 subd. 11 and 12 tells us:
-When approaching and before passing an authorized emergency vehicle with its emergency lights activated that is parked or stopped on or next to a street or highway having two lanes in the same direction, you shall safely move your vehicle to the lane farthest away from the emergency vehicle, if it is possible to do so. If the roadway has more than two lanes in the same direction, you shall leave one full lane vacant between your vehicle and any lane in which the emergency vehicle is completely or partially stopped.
-This includes law enforcement, fire, ambulance, tow trucks and road maintenance and construction vehicles.
-If you are unable to safely move a lane away, you must reduce your speed. 
If you fail to take these actions, you could receive a citation with a fine of more than $100. Ignoring this law endangers those who are risking their lives every day to provide critical and lifesaving services to all of us. Move over for flashing lights and keep everyone safer! 
Trooper Kari Zenzen
MN State Patrol
Safe Communities of Wright 
County Board Member