Irish girls lose two to Rockford, bounce back with blowouts

Maple Lake started the week with two tough games against Rockford on May 13. The Rockets came out with fire and scored two runs off two Maple Lake errors. Maple Lake had a three-up, three-down inning at the plate. In the second inning, Maple Lake got settled down in the field and had a one-two-three-out inning. The Irish had one hit in the bottom of the second but scored no runs. In the top of the third, once again, the Irish had a three-up, three-down inning. After playing such good defense, the Irish hoped their luck would continue at the plate. They had one runner on base but couldn’t seem to make contact with the ball. The fourth inning went three-up, three-down for the Rockets as Maple Lake’s defense continued to be strong. At the plate, the Irish started to see the ball and make contact. They had two hits, but couldn’t manage to score their base runners. In the fifth inning, sophomore pitcher Kennedy Haney struck out the first two batters and got the third out herself, fielding a ground ball and making the out at first. With two more base runners in the bottom of the fifth, Maple Lake still couldn’t hit them in. This left them one inning to play. They held the Rockets once again to their two runs they scored in the first inning. At their last at-bats they had two base runners once again. Unfortunately, they were not able to hit them in. The game ended with a final score of 2-0, Rockford getting the win. In game two the Irish came out fresh with cleared minds. They began up to bat, scoring three runs right away. The Rockets responded in the bottom of the first, hitting a two-run home run to but them down by one run. The Irish battled back and scored two more runs. They were determined to get revenge and win the game. They held Rockford to no runs in the bottom of the second. The Irish had a rough inning at the plate. They had a three-up, three-down inning to put them into the bottom of the third where Rockford scored two more runs off of five hits.
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