Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,
I am writing to encourage young boys to consider joining Boy Scouts. I have learned a lot from scouting over the past 10 years and I have had a lot of fun. I think they would, too.
Have you ever wondered how some people know how to survive in the wild? Have you wondered how they know how to do cool things like start a camp fire without matches or tie cool knots? I learned these skills, as well as many more, in boy scouts.
I would like to encourage young boys to join scouting because they would learn how to do these things and many more life skills. I will give you many reasons why you should become a Boy Scout.
Boy Scouts provide you with many life skills such as first aid, camping, cooking, fitness, financial management and much more. The range of what you can do in Boy Scouts is large and it can range from swimming to public speaking. In Boy Scouts, you can go to some awesome camps like Many Point. At Many Point, you can do some fun outdoor activities and earn some merit badges while you learn. Some activities you can do at camp are kayaking, canoeing, water trampoline, climbing and snorkeling. You also learn leadership skills as well as things such as woodworking, environmental science and many other subjects. Boy Scouts is high adventure and fun.
Again, I would encourage young boys to consider joining Boy Scouts.  I hope the information I shared will help you decide to join scouting. If you like high adventure and fun activities, then I think you should join Boy Scouts. If you are interested in doing these things, I would join a troop. Anyone interested in learning more about Boy Scouts can contact the Northern Star Council at info@northernstarbsa.org or call 763-231-7201. Anyone in the Maple Lake area can contact our Scoutmaster, John Northenscold, at jnorthenscold@yahoo.com.
Devin Deringer
Maple Lake sophomore