Letter to the Editor


Stand tall, be proud, Maple Lake:
It is time for the community of Maple Lake to take note of the wonderful young men and women of the Maple Lake High School.   
On August 31, 2013, the Maple Lake Marching Fighting Irish High School Band  participated in the Grande Day Parade in Dassel during the Red Rooster Days  Celebration.
These young people did a marvelous job, and performance,  during the parade, and, came home with the Grand Champion Trophy for best music performance in the parade.
Judging from the response, during the parade, with  all the applause as the Irish stepped lively to the beat of their drums, and the many, many comments after the parade, the Irish were very highly appreciated  by the parade viewers.   We as a committee could not be more proud of  the performance of these fine young people. Perhaps there is something in the water at Maple Lake that makes these   young people such fine ambassadors of  your community, but, in any case you as a community should stand up and be proud of these many fine young adults of  your community and, when given the opportunity to do so, let them know!  They represent your community extremely well over the summer months, and, they  did so in Dassel also.
Many thanks to Bobbi Klimek, Band Booster President, who through all the difficulties of losing the band director at the  last moment, kept all the pieces together. Thank you Bobbi, a job well  done.
Larry Oberg, Days Grande Day 
Parade Chairman