Letter to the Editor


To The Editor:
I am writing to you today out of concern for our climate and the citizens that live on our planet. What will it take for us to finally do something about the climate disruption, air pollution, and water contamination brought on by Minnesota’s biggest polluter Sherco 1 & 2? When will Xcel Energy get the message that Sherco 1 & 2 needs to be replaced with clean energy?
I can see the stacks of Sherco 1 & 2 from my home and worry a great deal about the damage that is being done to our health by the power plant. My children and grandchildren also live in this area; I am concerned what the future holds for them if we don’t do something now to clean up our air and water and avert climate change.
Just recently we’ve seen the damage and heartbreak climate disruption is bringing upon us:  Coastal damage on the Jersey shore, historic flooding in Colorado, and extreme drought in our own area.
Let’s embrace clean energy now while we can still heal our environment and have an opportunity for a better tomorrow.  For information about the hazards of burning coal and the opportunity to voice your concerns, google Beyond Coal MN. 
Shelley Larsen-Langenbacher