Minnesotan in training


Happy Homecoming and happy fall. It looks like they’re coming at about the same time this year. With the unpredictable weather leading up to this week, snow would have been about the only thing that would have surprised me. (Although, I have seen measurable snow in the first week of October, so that’s probably not impossible, either.)
So far, fall is off to a pretty warm start. Sunday, the official start of autumn, brought a high of 74 and a low of 46. 
That seems about right. In fact, it was nearly perfect weather for the Powder Puff Football game. It would have been warm in direct sunlight, except that a decent breeze kept things feeling more like fall rather than an Indian summer.
There weren’t many passes, which the wind could help explain, but there was one interception which our cross country writer Mollie Graham nearly returned for a touchdown.
For the most part, the teams kept it on the ground, and I was impressed with the level of play calling and blocking. That allowed our volleyball writer Jessie Wohlrabe an opportunity for quite a few yards of her own.
The two were on separate teams and, ultimately, it was Graham’s Jailbreak Juniors who got the job done, 6-0.
With competition in the air, it was time for the boys to test their abilities on the gym floor.
Their volleyball skills looked a bit sharper than mine would have if I had been out there.
The Jailbreak Juniors got off to a slow start and the Sci-Fi Seniors took advantage of some solid serving to take the first game.
But, the underclassmen weren’t about to give up. Instead, they strung together some nice serves and won some vollies to grab the second game.
They picked up where they left off in the third game, which was the best of the night. Ultimately, they left the door open for the Sci-Fi Seniors and the upperclassmen capitalized to get the win.
Monday’s weather probably made a lot of the students wish they weren’t in the classroom, but they had a lot to look forward to, in the form of coronation.
Intern Ashley Becker co-hosted the event, sang a duet of Christina Aguilara’s “Beautiful, and gave us more reasons to be proud of her. 
Everyone should be proud of the Homecoming court, including the king and queen candidates themselves. They all handled themselves well, while also having fun and helping everyone in the crowd do the same. Adding the “Harlem Shake” was a nice touch.
Congrats to Trevor Borell and Hailey Sisell for claiming the crowns.
The best part of Homecoming is that it’s not over yet. I’m looking forward to the rest of the events, which will hopefully end with Ws for the good guys and gals.
Whether win or lose, I hope everyone stays safe out there this week. I remember my Homecoming festivities as happy events. Hopefully, all the students will remember this Homecoming positively, as well. Staying safe will go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.
So, as one of our friends often tells Sarah and I, “make good choices.”