City’s planners peruse potential industry sites


To winnow a list of 15 possibilities, members of Maple Lake’s City Council and Planning Commission assembled at City Hall Tuesday, Sept. 24, for a land tour of several sites with perceived potential for future industrial park suitability. 
Planning Commissioners Don Grant, John Rivers, Todd Borell and Charles Webb participated, as did Councilmembers John Northenscold and Deb Geyen, along with City Attorney Rhonda Pagel and Deputy City Clerk LeeAnn Yager. 
Economic Development Director Paul Bilotta guided the entourage on a circuit that covered six areas deemed to hold the best prospects for eventual development. 
The expedition included stops near Wright County Road 7 in southeastern Corinna Township, Wright County Road 8 in northwestern Maple Lake Township, and Wright County Road 37 northwest of city limits.
In a preliminary screening, parameters had been based purely on factors of acreage, land features and proximity. Following the tour, other mitigating factors for each site were identified and discussed. 
Among the planners’ and counselors’ chief concerns were accessibility to highway and freeway, water and electric viability, land values, existing structures, existing and planned residential areas and matters of orderly annexation.
More information appears in this week's Messenger.