Letter to the Editor


To the Editor
Mayor Kissock responded to my letter of the 18th by in effect saying that I told her to do the illegal act of cutting down the memorial tree on city property without Council approval. She is delusional and I challenge her to illustrate her absurd opinion. Her words were, "The tree had long been discussed by the City Council, even when Mr. O'Loughlin was mayor, and it had always been the Council's consensus that it should be removed. My approving of the tree's removal was based on that consensus."  Imagined "consensus" is not authority, it is wishful thinking to cover thoughtless action.
She claims to have taken full responsibility for her actions in making this decision without Council approval, well then Mayor, how come I and the other taxpayers are spending $560 to replace this tree with two trees at another location? "Full responsibility" would indicate you are paying for this but you quickly brush responsibility off when it comes to you paying for your crime.
I call upon Mayor Kissock to resign for her admitted usurpation of Council Authority and passing the buck, (Well, the $560 bucks) that we all will pay for her "taking responsibility."
As I recall it there MAY have been a mention of the weak condition of the tree in question during a workshop where no action could be legally taken by the council, but I recall no "consensus" that indicated Council approval or authority for her to destroy this monument. In fact, as I recall it, it was mentioned strongly that this was a memorial tree and that no action could be taken. I understand Mayor Kissock was embarrassed by her illegal actions and is trying to sweep it under the rug, however, we as taxpayers are paying the price, with dollars and a Council that will not discipline this rogue member.
In  American Government motions are made, seconded, and discussed in public meetings for Council action. Mayor Kissock, show me minutes of a meeting where I and a MAJORITY of the Council told you it was OK to destroy the monument. Since you can't, please submit your resignation or have the courage to take responsibility and pay the $560 that you want me and the other citizens to provide for your "responsibility."
Mike O'Loughlin
Maple Lake