Letter to the Editor: October 23, 2013


Dear Editor,
Driving through Wright County on a beautiful fall day can be an enjoyable trip, but as the weather and light conditions change, drivers should take caution. 
We have seen our share of damp and wet days and nights and I am certain that there are more rainy and foggy times ahead. This is the time of the year that when the temperature drops, frost often coats the roadways overnight. Be sure to drive slow, especially in the mornings and use extra caution on overpasses and bridges as these are more likely to be slippery.  
I am sure you have also noticed our hours of daylight are becoming fewer each day. A driver’s reaction is highly dependent on their ability to see clearly, and visibility is impaired when you drive in the dark. Make sure you keep your windows, headlights and taillights clean and clear to make visibility easier. If you park outside and your car windows are frosted over in the morning, be sure to scrape all of your windows – not just the front window. 
Also, be on the lookout for deer. This time of the year they are more likely to be near the roadways at sunrise and sunset, however, you do need to be cautious all times of the day on rural roads. If you see a deer, there is likely to be more than one since they travel in herds.
One of the biggest ways to increase safety for drivers and passengers, anytime of the year, is to wear a seat belt. Buckling up is the single most effective factor in safety whether you are the driver or passenger. Law enforcement will ticket you for not wearing your seat belt.  Insist on seat belts, in every seat, for every trip. Enjoy a safe fall!
Doug Olson
BHM School Board 
Safe Communities of Wright 
County Board Member