Maple Lake Elementary repeats as Reward School


Some educators may be complacent with placing in the top 15 percent among similar schools.
Maple Lake Elementary’s staff does not appear to fall into that category.
After being named a Reward School for ranking among the top 15 percent of schools receiving Title I funding with a Multiple Measurement Rating of 87.88 percent, MLE raised the bar even higher.
The school’s MMR has risen to 95.37 percent, which puts the school in the top 4 percent of Title I schools.
“It means all our efforts and collaboration with each other and our families is being recognized,” Principal Kris Harlan said.
She believes a couple different factors have contributed to the school’s success.
“We became a Q Comp school three years ago,” Harlan said. “The professional learning community has been built in for staff to collaborate and share. I really think that proactive dialogue and being able to share what works has been beneficial.
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