Volleyball team has solid week, wins tournament


The Maple Lake Irish volleyball team capped off an impressive week, as they won the Benilde-St. Margaret Tournament. While a full story is not available, see the stats and coverage of the wins that led up to the tournament below. 
Thursday, Oct. 8, the Irish hosted the Sartell-St. Stephen Sabres. The teams played an intense match that ended in an Irish win.
Maple Lake strives to have strong serves and prides themselves on the ability to pass tough serves. They did just that in game one. Using that to their advantage they won 25-21.
The Irish played aggressively and were able to make many plays against the Sabres. When Maple Lake could control the serve, they were able to score multiple points at a time; however, the Irish serving in game two was inconsistent. The inconsistency allowed the Sabres to score the points needed to win 25-22.
The loss put the momentum on the other side of the court. Maple Lake’s serving remained unsteady and Sartell-St. Stephen continued to come back with tough plays. Toward the end of the set, Maple Lake lacked communication resulting in a 25-16 loss.
To start game four, the Irish knew they must adjust their serving if they wanted to win. With motivation from a loud and supportive crowd, Maple Lake fought back with not only consistent but also aggressive serving. This was a struggle for the Sabres. They could not control the serves enough to make strong plays and the Irish kept playing strong, winning 25-20.
This brought the match into game five. Winning the previous game, the Irish had won back the momentum. The Sabres were feeling down and began to have trouble communicating what the Irish were doing. Maple Lake used this to their advantage and won the last set 15-11, also winning the match.
"It was my first game back from my injury and it was really great to be back on the court. Winning as a team only made the game more exciting," senior Anna Treptau said.
More information and stats appear in this week's Messenger.