Good News: November 27, 2013


Dear Editor,
As the coordinator of the annual Maple Lake Veterans Day program for over 13 years, I’ve found it a great honor. It’s a pleasure working with the staff and students at the Maple Lake schools where good behavior is shown, and student participation given. Indeed with the teachers and staff involving their students in assignments and entertainment, District #881 proves deserving of the “School of Excellence” award that will be presented to them on December 10th. 
It’s always a privilege having the local Veterans, in uniform at the Program, to go beyond being honored, but also perform the flag presentation, be guest speakers, and end the program with the Rifle Salute every year. Their presence gives the students an extra appreciation for their continued service and past sacrifices. We are grateful to have them on hand as students pay tribute to them through music, narrations, personally composed DVD presentations, and other extra highlights.
As for our town folks, what a generous populace we have! Where there is zeal to donate and full of hard working volunteers stepping forward to assist with the program. There wasn’t a business I visited that didn’t portray eagerness to contribute to this public affair. The Maple Lake Messenger, KRWC, and the Annandale Advocate were extraordinary in conveying information and inviting the public to our town for this important event.
I also applaud the Maple Lake Lions for sponsoring the Veterans Day program each year, the Ladies Auxiliary for co-sponsoring the Patriot’s Pen contest, and the WAT-KIM-VALLEY Vietnam Veterans for being our guest speakers. We look forward to having them back for the requested classroom visits that are already on tap in December. 
God Bless you, Maple Lake, God Bless America! 
Ginger O’Loughlin
Maple Lake Senior 
Connections Coordinator