‘Inheritance’ coming soon to Maple Lake


Looking to escape an abusive marriage, Kiera moves herself and her daughter, Tyler, to an abandoned farm she has inherited, but Kiera begins to worry about their safety as disturbing events begin to take place. 
This is the story that executive producer Bridget Cronin will be bringing to life in the feature film “Inheritance,” which will be filmed in Maple Lake in January.
Cronin met with about 15 community members Monday night to share her vision and answer questions.
That vision includes actors James Denton as one of the new people in Kiera’s life and John Barrymore III as Kiera’s abusive husband. Denton is most well-known for his role on “Desperate Housewives,” but also has credits in more than 30 other movies and shows. Barrymore is the grandson of legendary actor John Barrymore and has 27 films, five television shows and numerous plays to his credit. 
CBS Sports reporter Meisha Johnson, who starred in the horror film “13 Hours in a Warehouse,” is being considered for the role of Kiera.
Why bring a movie to Maple Lake?
For starters, Cronin is familiar with the area, having grown up near Deer Lake Orchard south of Buffalo.
“When I started talking to Amy (Koch) about doing a film here because of the (Shamrock Rebate) initiative, we were talking about what kind of theater and small business culture you have here,” Cronin said. “This is a suspense thriller which has been in development for a little more than a year. It’s a little bit of an Irish ghost story, so what better place to film it than Maple Lake?”
And Cronin wants the people of Maple Lake to be involved.
“Yes, we need extras,” she said. “We’ve only begun to start casting.”
So far, one audition has taken place in the Twin Cities and another audition in Maple Lake is tentatively scheduled for the second week of December.
“There are a lot of roles to be played,” Cronin said. “If you’re interested in being in the film as an actor, there’s an option for that.”
Cronin is also looking for filming locations, such as a dilapidated farmhouse, a lumber or hardware store, a gift shop or flower shop and at least one bar.
In addition to actors and locations, the project will also require food, lodging, transportation and other forms of investment.
“I know when My Town Pictures came in, they talked a lot about investment,” Cronin said. “That’s fine, and I want that, too, but there are a lot of things we need for a production that people from all backgrounds can provide.”
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