Letter to the Editor: November 20, 2013


Dear Editor,
 With all of the financial burdens our federal government already places on individuals and small businesses, it’s almost inconceivable that any politician would be interested in sending oil and gas prices higher.  Yet this is exactly what President Obama and many of his fellow Democrats have in mind.  Year after year they have introduced budget proposals that would significantly raise taxes on American energy companies.  These taxes, of course, are passed along to consumers in the form of higher gasoline, oil and diesel prices.
 In Minnesota’s rural communities, people care a great deal about the price of energy.  This is because the price of oil and gas directly impacts their pocketbooks.  Higher energy prices and transportation costs divert money away from other household budget items such as food and rent.  The truth is nobody in Minnesota wants to pay $4 or $5  for a gallon of gas, particularly those that depend on their car to get to work or school.
 Here in my district people are concerned about their farms, jobs and families.  While I don’t have a vote in Congress, as a public official it is my duty to do what I can to support farmers, job creators and families that populate our great state. During this time of major economic uncertainty in America, one thing is abundantly clear to me: we must do everything in our power to ensure Washington does NOT raise energy prices.  It would be devastating to our local economy and all Americans that depend on affordable energy.  As a business owner I know that I simply can't afford the increase in energy that is being proposed. And I know I am not alone. 
Rep. Joe McDonald (R-29A)