Letter to the Editor: November 6, 2013


To the Editor:
Congratulations to Maple Lake on doing an outstanding job of hosting the 2013 Town Ball State Tournament.
Irish Stadium could not have looked better .  .  . grass with striped cut, evergreen trees background, fan friendly seating, outstanding concessions.
Nice to see Gary Porter and Daryl Hennen represent all the volunteers and baseball people who have supported and worked to help Maple Lake become a great baseball town. Recently Gary was inducted into the Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame and Daryl was presented the Mike Down Award, awarded annually for outstanding service to Minnesota amateur baseball.
As a former Maple Lake teacher and coach, I am always proud to come back to this great town. It is wonderful to see all the former student athletes doing well and see many of their names in the tournament program.
Congratulations, see you at the ballpark!
Dale Welter