Vet clinic coming to Maple Lake


Dirt is being moved next to H&H Sport Shop on Highway 55 in preparation for construction of a new veterinary clinic.
Dr. Carl Larson said the impending winter weather nearly delayed the groundbreaking, but “everyone rose to the occasion, as evidenced by the new parking lot west of H&H Sport Shop, and the new Maple Lake Veterinary Clinic is on schedule to open before the busy spring season.”
Larson, along with Dr. Dan Patton and Dr. Dean Hawkinson, currently operate the Watkins and Kimball Veterinary Clinics.
“Our interest in opening a new clinic in Maple Lake goes back a few years, but was postponed due to merging with Kimball, since Dr. Jerry at that clinic wanted to slow down a bit despite the practice getting busier, and wanted some help,” Larson said. “Now three years into our multiple-location practice, we are again ready to pursue building a clinic in Maple Lake.”
Larson said he drives through Maple Lake regularly for large animal appointments. While doing so, he noticed a “VETERINARIAN” sign on the north edge of town and decided to approach Dr. Lieske regarding his future plans.
“We had a great conversation, especially since I was wondering if I was going to get punched in the face for asking the vet in town what he thought of more vets in town,” Larson said. 
More information appears in this week's Messenger.