Brute’s Bleat: December 11, 2013


The unseasonal cold weather and snow have put a crimp on pheasant hunting for me and some of my associates and it’s probably only wishful thinking that we’ll get enough warm days to get out again before the season ends. We were amazed by the sun dogs that flanked the sun on Thursday morning and again on Friday. Thursday’s nature show was the most spectacular of the two mornings.  Besides the huge pillars of light on each side of the rising sun, the sun dogs gave the appearance of  rainbows with the brilliant colors they displayed in the sub-zero weather. Anyway, it was quite a show and it took the edge off the sub-zero cold. I anticipated finding squeaking snow underfoot that morning, but that didn’t happen. Apparently it will have to get colder! The snow and ice made for treacherous driving and that’s still a problem with the icy roads. It seems like it’s been a little too cold for the applications of road salt to work the way it is supposed to. We’re all getting lessons early this year on how to drive in inclement weather.    .    .    I haven’t been out on the lakes to fish and I’m still in the preparation stage getting ready. So far I haven’t gotten any further than getting the ice rods and reels down from their summer resting spot. It’s a start, but I usually don’t get out before Jan. 1, so I might actually be early this year. I haven’t heard anything great from local anglers, except there has been some good action for walleyes on Buffalo Lake. Maple Lake is a little cloudy, according to one spearing enthusiast. I noticed a four-wheeler out from the Lake Mary access on Sunday next to a spearing house so that lake apparently has at least four inches of ice in that vicinity. Incidentally the DNR has announced Sugar Lake in Wright County is among the lakes where spearing is now allowed after having been closed for many years. Clearwater Lake is attracting some harpooners in some of that lake’s protected bays as well as some shallow water walleye anglers.  
*       *       *
After pretty much hibernating for a few days, our English Setter,   Vana, kept hinting she’d like to go for a longer walk than the brief runs down Linden Ave. N. I broke down on Friday for a slightly longer walk in Ney Park which seemed to ease her frustrations. On Sunday morning, we were back in the park and she picked up the sound or smell of something ahead of us as we neared the crest of the first hill on the main trail. It turned out to be a nice fat doe that was standing on the trail and nibbling on some browse. The deer continued to feed until it heard us and then gave us a quick once-over before bolting away. Vana almost took off after the deer which was about 30 yards away, but a stern, ’No! No! No!’ cut her chase short and everything ended well.  
*         *        *
I was among the TV football fans watching the wild Vikings/Ravens game Sunday and the four touchdowns scored with just a little over two minutes left in the game. Most of the games on the East Coast were played in snow, sleet, and rain, and weather played a big factor in who won. It looked like the Vikings had a win in their back pockets after scoring a TD with less than 30 seconds to go, but the Ravens showed they have what it takes when the chips are down, winning the game on a pass play after putting on a tremendous last-seconds drive. As much as I admire Adrian Peterson, I thought his comment about the unruly fans throwing snowballs onto the field should have been left in the locker room.      .       .     
*         *         *
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