‘Inheritance’ sponsors ‘Haunted Holidays’


"Inheritance," the movie set to be filmed in Maple Lake in February, has two new featured extras, thanks to the storytelling abilities and creativity of local residents.
Heather Blahut and Tom Disbrow won their roles as a result of stories they shared at the Haunted Holidays Storytelling Contest on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at The V by HH.
Director Paul von Stoetzel, Executive Producer Bridget Cronin, lead actress Analiese Miller and post production head Marlee MacLeod judged the stories.
"Any story that starts with evisceration is a winner with us," they said on the "Inheritance" Facebook page about Blahut's story.
Blahut received points for her creativity as she said she had written the story about a family that died graphically and mysteriously.
Disbrow spoke of his experiences as a teenager in California.
His first story detailed an encounter with a suspected Bigfoot. In his second story, he shared his experiences with a girl and her family.
"I met a girl in California and, one day, we were on her couch kissing. Later, her mom said, 'You shouldn't kiss my daughter on my couch.' I didn't know how she knew I had been kissing her daughter on the couch," Disbrow said. "Then her sister said she had a dream about being at a party and the house caught on fire. She was invited to a party, but it was the house she had seen in her dream and suddenly said she had a headache and left. That house caught on fire that night.
"Later, I was staying with them and sleeping and heard breathing in the room, even though everyone's doors were shut," Disbrow continued. "I asked my girlfriend and she said, 'Didn't you  hear the story about a ghost looking in the window?' I moved out."
Ten others shared their experiences about premonitions, ghosts and other paranormal legends.
Mark Hayes told stories of working at D.B. Searle's, a haunted bar in St. Cloud.
More information appears in this week's Messenger.