Letter to the Editor: December 18, 2013


To the Editor,
As I reflect on my first year as mayor of Maple Lake, I can only think how proud I am to have been chosen to represent this community. The kindness and generosity of folks when it comes to donating time or funds to the library, Meals on Wheels, the Buff-up Maple Lake clean-up crew, watering flowers and planting a beautiful garden at Ladybug Park among many others are reminders of what makes me love this community. 
This next year is expected to start off with good momentum, the Ice Fishing contest and "Inheritance," a movie filmed in and around town, are just a start.  The new vet clinic and  potential for a Dollar General store and continued development on the Highway 55 corridor are exciting signs of a healthy, growing community. We will be approaching the community for input on the landscaping and beautification of the Highway 55 corridor with funds and design assistance from the State. This will help make Maple Lake look on the outside as a community we are all proud of on the inside.
I know many of you, and I, too, have been asked to make modifications to sewer and sump systems as we fight the battle over  inflow and infiltration. There will be more road, manhole and sewer improvements made by the city to also help reduce the amount we are all paying for unnecessary treatment of ground water. All of this effort will pay dividends when the spring and rains come and we don't have to pay tens of thousands to treat rainwater.  
We are making an effort to focus on being more planful and to make sure that streets and our other infrastructure are being maintained properly to reduce the need for early and unnecessary repairs.  
I want to thank everyone for your comments, support and candid suggestions. It is you that make this a worthwhile adventure for me. More importantly, thank you to the city staff. The ladies in City Hall, the guys in the Maintenance Department and Carol and her team at the liquor store are the people who really make this city work. The council and I are indebted to them and the dedication they show to making Maple Lake the wonderful community it is.
Wishing a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration to everyone! I look forward to the continued adventure as Mayor.
Thank you,
Lynn Kissock
Mayor, Maple Lake