Brute’s Bleat: February 19, 2014


I managed to get off the couch Sunday and headed for Maple Lake in the early afternoon in an effort to find enough sunfish for supper. That didn’t happen, in fact I couldn’t find any hungry sunfish and ended up eating a bowl of chili for my evening meal. I started fishing in about 20 feet of water and caught one lone perch before I decided shallower water might be better. After drilling five holes, which took most of the auger, I didn’t find fishing any better. I ended up in about 12 feet of water and the Vexillar convinced me there were fish down there, but no matter what I put down, I didn’t get a bite. Fishing is bound to get better as we head toward spring, but Monday’s snow might make it difficult to get around on Wright County lakes. Lakes you might want to try for panfish are Constance and Pleasant, which are the only two on my fishing radar that could be productive.
  *           *           *
I ran into Phil Mooney in the Ney Park parking lot over the weekend. He was cross-country skiing and giving his Labrador some exercise. Mooney does a lot of Maple syrup sap collecting each year and commented he’d been on snowshoes in his woods, but will have to wait for the snow to settle before he can get started.  I asked him about one of his waterfowl hunting cohorts, Gary Porter, who is in Arizona. Porter, a former member of the faculty at MLHS and a Laker baseball player and manager, underwent a hip-replacement operation recently and ended up with an infection and more hospital time than he wanted. Mooney says he’s rehabbing now and on the way to recovery.    .     .   
*           *           *
This past week, it’s been entertaining to watch the Winter Olympics, which are in Russia. It’s been quite a show whether you’re watching the snowboarding and skiers on the slopes as they dazzle the spectators with their athletic maneuvers, jumps, and speed, or the finesse of those on the ice skating rinks, whether racing or the partners who perform in quest of the gold medal. The bobsledders and those who go solo almost take a person’s breath away as they hurtle themselves down the chute. It great watching on TV and now everyone is wondering if the USA Hockey Team, who beat favorite Russia in their first meeting, can win it all.  If that happens it could go down as Miracle on Ice II     .     .       .     
*       *       *
If you’re interested in fishing lakes that are showing signs of freezing out, the DNR provides the following list on their website: Four of them, Arvilla, Big Wolf, Hoff and Long are in Meeker  County; High Island, Sibley County;  Otter/Campbell, McLeod County; Cynthia, Scott County; Dora, LeSueur County; Duck, Hennepin County; and Gilbert, Douglas County.  Some been open since Feb. 11 and all of them close Feb. 23.  
Rules for taking fish from lakes opened to liberalized fishing:
The lakes are only open to liberalized fishing for a short time period so check the dates on posted signs or in local newspapers.
You are required to have a resident angling license to take fish on liberalized lakes.
You may take fish in any quantity for personal use from lakes opened to liberalized fishing.
You may sell rough fish.
You may take fish by spear, gillnet or angling (check each lake at the access site, gillnets may not be allowed at all lakes).
You may not use seines, hoop nets, fyke nets, or explosives to take fish.
All trespass laws are in effect and you should abide by them when accessing lakes.
Do not leave any trash or litter on the lakes and take home all fish that are caught.
*          *         *
“My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I’m happy.  I can’t figure it out. What am I doing right?”
–Charles Schulz