Hruby reflects on 21-year career with city


When Linda Hruby became Maple Lake’s deputy clerk on Feb. 25, 1993, she admittedly did not know very much about city government.
“Anything that has to do with city government, I’ve picked up since I’ve been here,” said Hruby, who’s retiring as city clerk and treasurer at the end of the month.
She vividly remembers her first week as former City Clerk Sharon Leintz’s right-hand woman.
“The gal that had my job quit and gave her notice that she’d be leaving while Sharon was going to be on vacation,” Hruby said. “I sat in this office the first week and didn’t know anything and hoped no one called. When I didn’t know something I’d say, ‘Gosh, I’ve only been here a week.’”
Now, even with 21 years of experience, Hruby still gets stumped from time to time and has to research an answer.
“I’ll sometimes get a phone call with a question I’ve never gotten before,” Hruby said. “It’s been an ongoing learning experience.”
Her learning experience changed when she shifted from deputy clerk to clerk/treasurer in July of 2001.
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