Letter to the Editor: February 5, 2014


To the Editor:
I always say “all roads lead to Maple Lake” and on Saturday an estimated 10,000 people converged to our community via one of those roads for the 39th annual Ice Fishing Derby. All I can say is WOW!
Growing up in this community I can remember past fishing contests that were put on by various organizations, and as important as they all were, none were ever to this magnitude.
This whole event is a win-win situation for all. The lake itself is the biggest winner and all the proceeds go back into it for  re-stocking and to help maintain and keep it clean for future generations. 
Now as you can imagine when you have that many people converging on your community the local businesses will also reap the benefits. When speaking to some of the locals they said business that day was very, very good. When I spoke with Carol Bestland, otherwise known as Grandma, from Maple Lake Wine & Spirits, she said “they were very busy” and she also said that “several people commented to her that whoever organized the derby needs to be commended on what a wonderful job they did.”
I would like to applaud and shout out a huge thank you to the Maple Lake Property Owners Association which consists of many groups and committees within itself who help maintain our lake throughout the year, their biggest event, of course, being the Ice Fishing Derby.
The core derby committee consists of: Greg Thomes, Nick Olsen, Mike Raiche, Jay Sifferly, Kim Holland, Betty Thomes and Lynne McIntosh.
It takes a lot of people to pull an event like this off. Thank you to the committee and everyone else that was involved to help make this derby the success that it was. At the rate that it is growing, maybe we will be billed as the largest derby in the state. How cool would that be.
Thanks again, everyone.
Deb Geyen
Maple Lake City Council