Maple Lake students learn archery skills


Arrows have been flying and bows have been bending in the Maple Lake High School Activity Center. 
It’s all a part of a two-week archery unit for seventh- and eighth-grade students.
Physical education teachers Leah Davis and Tim Knudsen have been teaching the “11 steps to success in archery:” stance, nock, draw hand set, bow hand set, predraw, draw, anchor, aim, shot set up release and follow through. Students have learned how to incorporate those steps into their shooting as they played a combination of games like tic tac toe, Battleship and number games and shot at balloons and paper plate animal heads.
“It gives all students the opportunity to be successful and maybe begin a love for something they never knew they were good at,” Davis said. “Archery is a great recreational sport that builds self-esteem and we are excited to bring it back to Maple Lake Schools.”
More information appears in this week's Messenger.