New ambassadors begin their reign


As the St. Patrick’s Day festivities wound down Saturday, nine girls stood on a stage in the Maple Lake High School gym wondering who would be named Maple Lake Ambassadors.
Outgoing Ambassadors Lauryn Aanerud, Carissa Knott and Chelsey Trettle answered that question when they crowned Lori Elsenpeter, Courtney Klingelhoets and Blair Stewig. Outgoing Miss Congeniality Georgie Loftis also announced Klingelhoets was voted Miss Congeniality by her peers.
The crowning concluded an hour of introducing the nine candidates, reflecting on the past year for the outgoing ambassadors and honoring Commodore Award winner Daryl Hennen and Grand Marshal Greg Thomes.
Elsenpeter said it took a moment to realize she was being crowned.
“Then it was just a rush of emotion and I was just excited to find out who I’d be spending my summer with,” she said.
For Klingelhoets, receiving her crown was the fairy tale ending she had dreamt of growing up in Maple Lake.
“Being an ambassador is something that I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was a little girl and I was overjoyed when I realized that I had been crowned,” she said.
After seeing Elsenpeter and Klingelhoets receive their crowns, Stewig was surprised to receive one herself.
“When I was being crowned, I was so overjoyed and went into shock,” she said. “I was still processing that both Courtney and Lori were crowned and how happy I was for them.”
More information appears in this week's Messenger.