Serving is second nature for Thomes


The 37th St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshal, Greg Thomes, wasn’t sure he qualified for the award.
“When Linda (Rassat) called and said, ‘You’ve been asked to be Grand Marshal,’ I said, ‘I thought that was for older people?’” Thomes said. "(My wife) Betty said, 'You're not a spring chicken anymore.'"
Joking aside, Thomes is serious about serving, creating quite the resume for the grand marshal honor.
Thomes moved to Maple Lake in 1982 and began serving with the Maple Lake Jaycees.
"We got involved in the Jaycees and that cemented us here," Thomes said.
He devoted many years to the Maple Lake Jaycees, serving as the local president in 1985, Minnesota Jaycees president in 1989, United States Jaycees president in 1992 and U.S. Jaycees Foundation president from 1995 to 1997.
As the national president, Thomes traveled to 49 states and six continents with training programs for young adults.
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