Street improvement project stalled by citizen sentiment


For the time being, at least, plans for the City of Maple Lake’s street improvement project remain up in the air, as they have been for the past year. 
In the wake of a public hearing on a proposed special assessment roll for the 2014 Street Improvement Project, Tuesday, March 18, the Maple Lake City Council voted 4-1 to adopt the assessment, but delayed moving forward with plans to award the project’s construction contract. Council member John Northenscold cast the lone dissenting vote, raising questions as to the scope, cost and location of the proposed improvements.
Affected residents filled the space provided for the meeting’s audience, and several voiced questions and objections regarding the proposed project and assessments. Among their major concerns were the project’s validity, its total price, the debt the city would incur for it, a lack of specificity pertaining to individual installment payments and skepticism over any increase in property value that would match the cost of the assessment. In addition, 13 attendees filed written objections.
Mayor Lynn Kissock defended the project’s validity, saying the improvements would be more than superficial and repairs to the city’s infrastructure were an imperative.
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