Thanks for the memories: Monson retires after 32 years at Maple Manor beauty shop


Putting in her remaining hours on Thursday as Maple Manor Apartments’ on-site beautician was a bittersweet occasion for Marge Monson. She’s been cutting, curling, coloring and caring for the hair of Manor residents since 1982, and loving it, every step of the way. But hairdressing is an occupation that demands great manual dexterity, and 32 years of snipping, separating and setting has taken its toll on hands growing more arthritic with time. So Marge has decided to hang up her scissors for good and set her sights on new horizons.  
“I am a little choked up about it,” Monson said. “It’s like a chapter in my life is closing. I started working here when I was a young woman, in my mid-30s. I’ve been here almost half my life.”
She’s forged some close connections in those three decades, most notably with Cathy Elfstrand, who manages the Manor. Fate threw them together when their daughters attended the same dance class.
“We got to talking,” Monson recalled, “and I suggested they put a beauty shop in there. Cathy thought it was a great idea, and she just went with it. She totally got it rolling. It really took off, too. It was a big success.” 
“When we put the beauty shop together, it became a real asset, very quickly,” Elfstrand said. “The beauty shop was a plus. And Marge and the other operators were always willing to keep their prices low, which really helped us all to make a go of it.” 
Monson agreed.
“Nobody became a millionaire, but it worked good for everyone,” she said.
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