A 007 prom experience; Pre-Prom message: Be smart, stay safe


While the theme for the Maple Lake High School Prom was based on the fast-driving and carefree James Bond and his films, students saw a different movie leading up to the weekend event.
Graphic images of car crashes flashed on the screen in the Maple Lake High School auditorium. Some of the stories behind those images were shared with the sophomores, juniors and seniors via a video from the Minnesota State Patrol.
One young man named Kullen Carney told a story about losing a friend and being charged with vehicular manslaughter after hitting a culvert on a gravel road while traveling more than 80 mph.
“I felt untouchable, like nothing could hurt me,” Carney said.
It didn’t take long for that invincibility to vanish.
“Knowing my friend died because of my actions, I regret even getting my license,” Carney said. “… There’s never a moment that I don’t regret what I did.
“Think about what you’re doing and how your life could change,” Carney advised. “Think of others, don’t be selfish.”
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