Inheritance filming delayed to November: Cold weather, conflicting schedules hindered filming in March


Fans of thriller feature films will have to wait a little longer for “Inheritance,” the Killing Joke Films project set to be filmed in Maple Lake.
“The extreme bitter cold made it impossible to shoot during our originally planned schedule because of the danger to people and equipment,” producer Bridget Cronin said. “Then, we ran into scheduling conflicts between our two lead actors, which would have pushed filming into May.”
Pushing filming into May would have changed the setting.
“Since we wanted this to have a winter landscape, we determined that the best course of action was to push filming to this coming winter,” Cronin said.
So, instead of filming in Maple Lake in March, interior filming will take place in November, with exterior shots to be filmed in January 2015. That will push the release date back to the fall of 2015.
A trailer, which was filmed in a Minneapolis studio location, is already released and can be found at
Despite the delay in local filming, John Barrymore III was in the area in March to promote the film and rehearse with director Paul von Stetzel and leading actress Analiese Miller.
The two also joined von Stetzel, Cronin, producer Chris Bueckers and Maple Lake Mayor Lynn Kissock at the Twin Cities Film Festival Oscars Party.
Crew members are also busy behind the scenes.
“Several members of the crew are working on developing things for the film,” Cronin said. “We decided to do more with special effects and costuming, which takes more time to find and create.
“In fact, the producers and director have a production-planning meeting next week to discuss progress on the film,” Cronin continued. 
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