Minnesotan in training: May 14, 2014


We don’t have it that bad.
Believe it or not, I’m talking about the weather. I know you may be thinking, “What???!!!” (with even more question marks and exclamation points), but let me explain.
I was just in Denver over the weekend. In just four days, Sarah and I experienced nearly 70-degree highs, below-freezing temps at night, wind, snow, rain, sleet and slick roadways. Heck, while visiting the mountain town of Breckenridge, we pretty much had all of that in one day, though the high wasn’t quite that warm.
For a while there, we were wondering if a snowstorm on my birthday (also known as Mother’s Day this year) would delay our return home.
Thankfully, the professional winter survivors at the Denver airport have at least 50 “Iceman” de-icer trucks. No, we didn’t count; they were numbered. Compare that to a southern airport like Houston, that pretty much has to shut down on the rare occasion of an icestorm, because they only have one de-icer. 
In case you haven’t been in a plane while it’s being de-iced, I compare the green de-icing fluid to the stuff the younger version of myself saw used on Nickelodeon, though it’s not as thick. In other words, it’s pretty much the same stuff in your antifreeze tank.
Anyway, thanks to the fine folks applying that stuff to the entire plane, the air traffic controllers who gave our flight the go-ahead and our skilled pilots – even though the flight attendant said our plane was the first he had landed. That was probably a joke, considering they were 45 minutes late because they we’re writing their jokes. See, you don’t have to be a flight attendant to share one-liners with a (somewhat) captive audience. I should also give a shoutout to Sarah who put up with me during the delays and deals with my “sense of humor” firsthand on a daily basis,
But I digress (again). We were welcomed home by nearly 70-degree weather here. After wearing a coat or sweatshirt most of the weekend and regretting the one night we didn’t, it was nice to actually ditch the layers in Minnesota.
Now, at least one layer of rain protection is needed. As of the writing of this column, the forecast says it won’t hit the 60s until Saturday, just in time for day two of the State True Team Meet. (Good luck, Irish!)
I was joking with someone about April showers bringing May flowers and asked what May showers bring in June.
“Depression,” was her one word answer. I laughed until I thought about seasonal depression. Another person compared Minnesota homes to anthills. At first I didn’t get it, but he explained that, like ants who come out of their ant hills when the weather changes, Minnesotans do the same thing and “learn new things about their neighbors.”
I just had to share both those thoughts. Let’s think spring, shed the depressing thoughts and get to know our neighbors better again. That means you, too, Mother Nature.