School meal prices, activity fees increasing


Parents of students at Maple Lake Public Schools can expect to pay more for school meals, as well as extracurricular activities.
On Monday, May 12, the school board voted to raise lunch prices by a dime and breakfast prices by a quarter. Activity fees will increase by $15 per activity, with the family max remaining unchanged at $400.
Meal prices
Scott Papke, who oversees Maple Lake’s food services as a district manager for Taher, explained the factors that affect meal prices.
“As I’ve explained before, the government sticks its head into how to set the price,” Papke said. “As we ran the numbers, it came up as an 8-cent increase.”
Papke recommended a 10-cent increase in lunch prices, to $2.25 for elementary students and $2.45 for high school students, which would allow the district to carry over 2 cents per meal for the 2015-16 school year. He noted that lunch prices at Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose and Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted went up by 10 cents a year ago, while Rockford’s prices increased by 5 cents and Annandale’s jumped 15 cents.
“You get the picture: It’s pretty much 10 cents across the board,” Papke said. “That’s what we’re seeing because the formula goes up as (the number of) free and reduced (price meal recipients) goes up.”
More information appears in this week's Messenger.