The other side of the desk


For 16 years, Dave Hansen taught social studies at Maple Lake High School. He has spent the last year as principal of MLHS.
“It was a blur,” he said. “I always thought being a teacher was busy. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, right?”
Hansen categorized the year as “nonstop excitement and never boring, that’s for sure.”
With that being said, he believes the year went well overall.
“We planned and were well-organized,” he said.
For example, class schedules for both semesters were completed before the start of the school year, a task Hansen is currently tackling.
It’s one of the many tasks on the to-do list that has a place on his desk.
“Everyone has an idea of what the principal does but, until you sit on the other side of the desk, you don’t realize everything,” Hansen said.
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