‘We are like stars’


Friday night marked the last time 63 seniors at Maple Lake High School would gather together in an official capacity, as they graduated from the school that has played such a large role in their lives.
“If you think about it, we’ve spent more time here than in our homes,” class secretary Hailey Sisell said. “In fact, we’ve spent 12,870 hours here, we’ve used more than 1,850 pencils and eaten 2,100 delicious school lunches.”
Class president Drew Seibert talked about what their time in school had taught the class.
“This school has given us the opportunity to learn not only book lessons, but life lessons: intangible things such as responsibility, perseverance, determination and work ethic. As we prepare to enter the real world, the value of these lessons is incomparable.”
Class vice president Justin Wilson mentioned some of the overcome challenges by name.
“As the years went by, we worked our way up the totem pole by dealing with the infamous Durst A-through-J multiple-choice tests; listening to all the stories about Mr. K’s cat daughter, Chloe; and Mrs. Wurm talking about how her whale coffee cup somehow ‘swam away.’ Nobody really knows where that cup went, but she still thinks I have it,” Wilson said.
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