Airport to have fixed base operator again


A new fixed-base operator will soon be providing aircraft rentals, flight training and maintenance, with the possibility of mechanic training in the future, at the Maple Lake Municipal Airport.
The Maple Lake City Council voted Tuesday, July 15, to grant licensure for fixed base operations at Maple Lake Municipal Airport to Jason Erickson of Ascend Aviation. Erickson, who has been in business for five years, currently owns a flight school with three aircraft in Princeton and is looking to have the same number of aircraft at Maple Lake. 
The airport has been functioning without an FBO since the beginning of 2013, when Wright Aero president Bill Mavencamp Jr. officially closed his office there, citing economic reasons as his motivation. A local institution, Wright Aero had provided flight school and charter flight service from the Maple Lake location since the company was launched in 1982. Mavencamp’s father, Bill Mavencamp Sr., had been one of the prime movers in getting the airport established in 1967. 
More information appears in this week's Messenger.