Aquatennial a learning experience for Aanerud

For the past 16 months, Lauryn Aanerud has been representing Maple Lake, first as a Maple Lake Ambassador, and then, as a candidate for Queen of the Lakes at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Celebration.

Her Aquatennial candidacy ended on Friday evening without a crown, but she said that doesn’t mean she is regretting going through the process.
“It was extremely fun and a great learning opportunity for myself,” Aanerud said.
Her week started at the Marriott City Center Hotel, where she met Aquatennial commodores, past commodores and her roommates from Cambridge and Clara City.
“I knew the girl from Cambridge, but didn’t know the one from Clara City very well,” Aanerud said. “I got to know them pretty well.”
After a judging session, the candidates headed to the Twins game, where Aanerud quickly learned she was in a very small minority.
“I learned very quickly, being the only vegetarian, I had to get my own food,” she said.
Her favorite part of the week came on Tuesday, when she visited the Women’s Club of Minneapolis, which was established in 1907.
“It was really cool to learn about the history of Minneapolis and what women were able to do, even back then,” Aanerud said.
Learning the history of Minneapolis didn’t stop there, as the candidates had a chance to “learn a lot about Minneapolis in a really interesting and fun way” during a segue tour.
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