Art in the heart of Maple Lake


Empty storefronts in downtown Maple Lake could one day be filled with art shops, studios or other niche businesses and three property owners took one step toward that goal with a cooperative open house on Saturday.
The event was the result of meetings hosted by the Maple Lake Development Group, a committee of the Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce that is working with local property and business owners to come up with ideas to attract more businesses to the downtown area.
Owners of Maple Lake Floral at 110 Division Ave., The Den at 116 Birch Ave. and The General Store at 66 Birch Ave. participated in the open house.
“Maple Lake can be a wonderful area for affordable rent for artists in need of studio or retail space,” Development Group member Tricia Manuel said.
She said the group believes working together can stretch promotion and advertising dollars further to help make Maple Lake a destination city as part of an effort to make businesses successful.
“But there needs to be a call to action by the community as a whole,” Manuel said. “We are not going to fix our issue in one or two open house weekends on our own.”
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