MP Nexlevel: Connecting the lines of communication, energy and more

From its earliest days right up to the present, utilities construction contractor MP has provided quality work by experienced personnel, conducted safely and completed to the customer’s satisfaction. And over the past forty years, unwavering adherence to that philosophy has led the locally-based, family-owned business to grow into a nationally recognized full-service utility contractor, working with communication, electric and gas companies, both locally and across the United States.

Strength through diversity

MP provides services to the power, communications, gas, pipeline, wireless, and alternative energy markets. Its services include plowing, trenching, directional drilling, aerial construction, manhole and conduit construction, cable pulling and blowing, splicing, testing and cutover of electric, copper, coaz and fiber optic infrastructure. MP also provides a complete network and building management solutions for the enterprise market.

MP provides its expertise to a wide range of clients with planning, installation and maintenance of both underground and aerial infrastructure work. In 2013 the company completed 1,065 large and small projects in 20 states. In recent years, MP has placed more than 8,000 miles of fiber optic cable and has completed hundreds of major projects for telecommunications, gas, power and cable TV companies. Additionally, MP serves states, counties, municipalities and educational institutions in enterprises ranging from new construction to emergency restoration. In the past four years, MP has completed more than 3,297 separate endeavors, including 74 rural utility service projects, 14 wind farms, 294 telecommunications projects, 37 municipal and power projects, 56 state government projects, 16 educational institution projects and 84 security and closed-circuit TV systems. MP also maintains more than 50 locating, maintenance and service agreements with many city-owned projects, and this year will also begin to offer its diverse services in the southeast region of the country.

To further meet the growing needs of today’s customer, the company has also diversified into two smaller, separate branches. MP Integrated Solutions covers the areas of computer and networking installation, with services that include network design, disaster recovery documentation, spyware and virus removal, project management, testing and optimization, remote support and maintenance services. Wright Service Center provides maintenance and repair for construction and agricultural equipment with services that include engine rebuilding, welding, truck and trailer repair, hydraulics system repair and government inspections.

Local roots

The company was founded in 1973, when brothers Larry and Tim Pribyl, armed with a dump truck and a backhoe, began offering excavation services around the state. They soon developed a reputation as a provider of quality work, which eventually led to contracts with national-level telephone companies. Over the next several years, the company continued to expand into utility construction services. Eventually adding extended contracts to their repertoire, the brothers were able to grow MP into a major player in the utility construction industry. In 1999, they sold their company, but repurchased it five years later. In 2006, Tim’s son, Rob, who now serves as Vice President of Operations, was brought into the partnership. The company’s area of operation now reaches across the country, offering a wide spectrum of utility construction services.

“We’re proud to be a large employer in the area,” said Rob Pribyl. “And we hope that our presence here adds value to the City of Maple Lake, as well as opportunity for other local people, too.”

Experience and integrity

MP is among the area’s largest employers,   employing 70 in the company’s Maple Lake headquarters, plus close to 300 local field employees and subcontractors, as part of a nationwide workforce that’s over 1,300 strong.

Safety is at the core of all the company’s operational phases, from planning to construction. MP’s proficient teams of project managers, foremen, journeymen, linemen and cable installers are equipped with not only the necessary qualifications, certifications and technical training required for each job, but also with the experience to do it safely and well. To ensure it retains a staff of competent employees who are capable of high performance in challenging environments, MP places an emphasis on the value of ongoing training. The company’s project managers, foremen, journeymen, linemen and cable installers have the qualifications and training to handle all aspects of underground and overhead construction, splicing, terminating and testing, with a capability that’s based on experience.

As MP has grown over the past year, so too have employment opportunities the company has been able to offer. Job seekers willing to travel out of state are invited to visit either the Annandale office at 9938 State Hwy. 55 Northwest, or the Maple Lake office at 500 East Co. Rd. 37, for current opportunities.