The Countertop Specialist: Hometown kitchen and bathroom experts

Frank and Jo Ellen Kopet, owners of The Countertop Specialist, invite home and business owners to consider upgrading their countertops to the look and feel of laminate countertops such as Formica and Wilsonart products. As their name implies, the Kopets specialize in the production and installation of laminate countertop surfaces.

“Laminates have really come a long way on style and color schemes over the past 15 years or so,” Frank said. “They’re a lower cost, lower maintenance alternative to stone, granite, marble and other solid surfaces.”

Like stone, marble or granite, laminates also come in a wide variety of colors, textures, edges and patterns, from solid colors or rock-like appearances to unique and creative patterned options. And they can make a dramatic difference in kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

The Countertop Specialist serves both residential and commercial properties, and can customize countertops to fit – and enhance – the style and features of any home or business.

A quick switch

Frank perfected his craftsmanship at Custom Plastic Laminates in Northeast Minneapolis, where he worked as a foreman for 27 years. In 2009, as his employer fell into bankruptcy, Frank decided to strike out on his own as The Countertop Specialist, LLC. With his skill and expertise in the industry, he has established himself as a vendor for apartment property managers and as a subcontractor. The company continues to grow, serving the countertop needs of Wright, Hennepin and Sherburne counties.

While Jo Ellen handles the company’s office work and communications, Frank handles construction, delivery and installation.

Offering free estimates and consultations, Frank said, “We go to you. We find out what you like, what you want, and then we will measure and give you an estimate.”

Often, he can do the entire job within a week of the estimate. And best of all, the kitchen transformation can occur in less than a day.

“We will remove your old countertops and install new ones in the same day,” Frank said. “We do the whole job, from start to finish.”

Keeping it clean

While many artisans do their cutting work onsite, a major dust-maker, The Countertop Specialist does all the cutting in the shop, eliminating most of the headaches that are frequently associated with interior renovation projects.

“We try to keep things as clean as we can for homeowners,” Frank said. “Who wants the dust, the mess and being without countertops?”

“We’re happy with the service we can provide to people,” Jo Ellen said. “As a smaller shop, we can do that.”

As springtime rolls around, if you’re considering a remodel, contact The Countertop Specialist as an economical alternative to more expensive options.

Frank and Jo Ellen would be happy to tell you, they can spruce up your kitchen nicely.

For more information, call 763-227-1109, e-mail or visit