Legislation allows for slight levy increase


Taxpayers in the Maple Lake school district will see a slight increase in the operating levy, due in part to legislation passed during the legislative session.
The increase comes out to $27.75 per pupil unit, or about a 4 percent increase over the current operating levy amount of $696.25.
Superintendent Mark Redemske explained the situation before the board approved the increase by a 5-1 vote, with Ben Elsenpeter dissenting and Shelly Liljequist absent, during Monday evening’s board meeting.
“Every district, starting in 2015, will have local operating revenue of $424 that will be right on top of the levy sheet coming from the Minnesota Department of Education,” Redemske said. “If we want to take less than that, we need to under-levy. The legislature has also allowed school boards to remove or add a levy of up to $300 for up to five years without going to the voters.”
More information appears in this week's Messenger.