County moving forward with vehicle pool


With the number of employees working for Wright County, mileage on personal vehicles can be a costly concern. With a reimbursement rate of 50 cents a mile, some line items in budgets can be quite significant.
At the Aug. 26 meeting of the Wright County Board of Commissioners, the concept of initiating a motor pool that would make vehicles available to county departments when travel is required was discussed. While it wouldn’t include the departments that already have assigned vehicles, Commissioner Pat Sawatzke said there have been several requests from departments to come up with a vehicle-sharing program that a motor pool would accommodate.
“We haven’t had a motor pool in the past,” Sawatzke said. “Some departments might keep some of the cars they already have. Other departments that don’t have any vehicles designated for them could utilize the motor pool. It’s something that would be available to all departments when they need a county vehicle.”
Currently, Wright County has 192 assigned vehicles – 154 for the sheriff’s department, 24 for the highway department, eight for the parks department, two maintenance vehicles and four for the surveyors department. Several other departments have vehicles that would be candidates for the motor pool, including the assessor, court services and human services.
More information appears in this week's Messenger.