Wastewater commission weighs options for rates


What should wastewater rates be in 2015? The Annandale-Maple Lake-Howard Lake Wastewater Commission reviewed five possible answers to that question at its Thursday evening meeting but opted not to vote on the issue until the Dec. 18 meeting.
Secretary Kelly Hinnenkamp said it is difficult to predict flow rates, which affect the rates users pay.
“If we underestimate or overestimate, we could be collecting too much or not collecting enough,” she said. 
Flows have ranged from about 222 million gallons to 328.5 million gallons over the plant’s five-year history.
The first scenario Hinnenkamp presented was based on a usage of 265 million gallons with a 50-cent user rate increase to $6.25, raising the average monthly user charge from $26 to $28. In the following year, the user rate would cap out at $7 and the average monthly user charge would top out at $32.
More information appears in this week's Messenger.